Services & Fees

Direct Current Laboratories offers distribution and consulting services for independent filmmakers, media production companies, distributors, rights holders, film festivals & conferences and content distribution platforms and facilitators.


For content creators/producers/filmmakers/etc:

  • distribution placement &  sales
  • rights management & contract negotiation
  • distribution strategy
  • arranging strategic partnerships, hybrid distribution solutions
  • development & financing consulting, producing

For platforms/distributors/rights-holders:

  • content acquisition & licensing
  • business development and strategic partnership consulting
  • programming & curating
  • content library valuation and monetization strategy


Consulting/Contract Negotiation/Distribution Strategy and other one-time arrangements – $250 per hour. Contact Us to set up a call or Skype.

Sales/Rights Management/Licensing and other “ongoing” arrangements – Varies. We’re very selective as to what content we’ll work with in this capacity, but should we agree to work with a client on an ongoing basis, both flat fee and commission-based agreements will be made available. Contact Us for more information